Pathway to Life – Moving on Course

The pathway to life Programme is a one year course for learners who have complex needs. This course is ideal for young people who have previously completed a two year study programme and who want to further develop knowledge and understanding of essential life and communication skills. Supporting the individual in their ability to make choices and decisions. The pathway to life supports learners in a transitional year to
prepare them for the next step to adulthood.

The pathway to life Programme encourages learners personal and social development seeking to enhance quality of life and levels of independence.

The aim of this programme is to  enable the smooth transition from a college based study
programme into adulthood into supported living and supported therapeutic occupation with varying levels of support as individually required. Hence promoting,
independence, autonomy and ability to make choices and decisions.

We offer a wide range of options and activities. Our aim is to get everyone ready for the next step in life whether is independent or supported living, Life skills. Learners will study English and Maths in a functional way through activities for daily living.

Moving on…
From the Pathway to life programme learners will progress into a Skills for Life programme, a community based supported living or social enterprise where they will carry on to the next step in their adulthood.

Entry Requirements
Applicants would need to be over 16 and have a Education, Health and Care Plan.

Other Activities
You will also get the opportunity to take part in activities such as: 
Residential Trips
Salamander Course
Basic Food Hygiene Certificate

Course Cost
The course is free to full time learners with an EHCP.

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